This is why you should visit and play tennis at the Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida! –

Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida
In 2008, on one of my visits to the Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne, Florida, I met a gal at the adult pool.  She said, if you like this resort, you will really like the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.  I’ve always wanted to play tennis at the Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida.
In early December 2016, my husband and I had the opportunity to stay the Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida.
Our stay:
We arrived first thing Saturday morning.  We checked in, and immediately checked out the tennis courts.  We had called the day before and reserved our spots in the morning clinics.
Chris was our “Teaching Pro.”  There were a total of three people in our drill.  The other tennis player was at a lower level than us; however, the tennis professional worked very hard to give us a good workout.  Overall, we were happy with the tennis clinic.  The next day we had a semi-private tennis clinic, which was excellent.
Light music played during dinner  (lacks dancing)
Pool or beach
Sunrise in the morning, peaceful
Stay in December – excellent weather, no humidity 70s
-4 lighted tennis courts
Call ahead to reserve your spot in the tennis clinic 10am each morning (1 hour drill)
Typical Clinic:
10 minutes short court warm
15 minutes working on ground strokes
Remainder of time, playing out points with Tennis Pro
 Ritz Carlton, Naples, Florida did not disappoint.  You are bound to embrace the intimate, private setting….from the resort to the resort activities.  I can’t wait to go back.  I would also like to see the Ritz Carlton, Naples Golf Resort.  The Tennis Pro shared that there are tennis courts there, too…so next visit to Naples, Florida we will check the other resort out!

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